Sarah Cooper

Co-Founder & Director
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I always loved designing, creating things, and drawing as a child growing up. Who knew there were other careers out there that would be ideal for the 4-year-old Sarah when I was younger than I was, but all I wanted to be was a fashion designer.

I honed my abilities in marketing after discovering that there were professions accessible where I could apply my passion for creativity, so I headed to university to gain that degree.

From there, I worked my way up, managing events, typesetting, social media, graphic design, and creative content for a variety of industries, including careers, automotive, and construction, to name a few.

I would say that I started my career and found the role that would make me who I am today in 2010. When I first started, I loved working for one of the Big 4 professional services businesses. After ten years, I was still in professional services, but I was now a national SME consultant for one of the fastest-growing firms.

Even though I managed a 26-person national marketing team, I still had the opportunity to help and advise a few of their clients in their own businesses. It was incredible to see the difference I was able to make for them.

Fast-forward That's what brought me here today after 6 years. With someone who always had my back, I could launch a business knowing that they were the other half of whatever I do. I believe this is why, for all those years at the previous company, we got along so well.

We founded Cooperfields together because we were aware of how unique what we had was. Together, we were able to provide SME's with affordable access to outsourced services that they had not previously had. We were familiar with the obstacles from agencies because we had been in the field for so long and had many experiences.

Now, we work with clients of all sizes and in all sectors, offering advice on strategy, supplier reviews, social media, content creation, brand and website development, and much more.

Although I have always loved what I do, I would say that what I do now is considerably more satisfying since I can see how what we do for our clients actually affects their businesses. Because business owners excel at what they do, they delegate marketing to us!

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