WOW Face & Body Art

An Artistic Transformation

Branding, Design, Website

Wow Face & Body Art, a professional face and body painter, wanted to change their brand and position their business to reach more people. They wanted their logo to stand out and show their audience right away how skilled and knowledgeable they were.

WOW Face & Body Art logo mockup

Our solution

After conducting thorough research, our design team developed a logo that reflected the client’s vision. WOW Face & Body Art’s new logo combined elements of simplicity and a pop of colour, resulting in an artistic, vibrant, refined, and fun design. To achieve the desired depth and vibrancy in the colours, our team carefully selected and blended a limited palette of pale colours as secondary hues to complement the bold primary colours.

Sample apparel for WOW Face & Body Art
WOW Face & Body Art pull-up banner

Creating a brand that stands out from the crowd

The final logo perfectly encapsulated the client’s brand essence and effectively communicated their professional image. The new logo was well received by the client and has been successfully used on all their marketing materials. These include business cards, various collateral, and of course a new website. The simple yet eye-catching design has helped the client establish their brand identity and position themselves as a highly skilled and professional artist.

WOW Face & Body Art website

The final outcome

Rebranding can be a challenging task, especially for an artist looking to showcase their level of skill and expertise. However, our design team rose to the challenge and helped our client transform their image.

The final outcome was simple, vibrant, refined, and fun, perfectly capturing the vision of WOW Face & Body Art.

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