Revitalising a legacy brand

Design, Outsourced Marketing, Social Media, Strategy, Website

Nordens, an accountancy firm based in Essex, had a significant amount of ad-hoc content being produced weekly needing to be utilised to its fullest potential. With a streamlined brand, cohesive marketing and content strategy, and redesigned website, traffic has more than doubled and leads continue to improve.

The brief

Nordens is a business that was struggling to reach its full potential. The CEO felt that the company was producing a significant amount of ad-hoc content on a weekly basis, but it was not being used to its fullest potential. The company was posting on all of the major social platforms, but the brand was not consistent with no clear strategy in place. The website was functional, but it had a high bounce rate and received only 1.8k to 2.5k visitors per month.

Increasing scope

When we were first appointed, we spent time getting to know the different departments and services that Nordens offered to its clients. During this process, we began to streamline the brand and work on a cohesive strategy.

The CEO expressed an interest in redesigning the website to reflect the updated brand. Once the brand alignment was complete and the communications plan was in place, we began work on the website. The website had a lot of content, so it was important to create a clear customer journey and search functionality. We enhanced the team profiles to include articles authored by employees. The Nordens team also requested several special features such as tax calculators for their clients. The result was a website that was not only more user-friendly but also more informative.



We knew that to be successful, we needed to bring new traffic to the site. To accomplish this, our team optimised all content for SEO and launched a full backlink project. We also began adding new content to the Nordens site 2-3 times per week. These efforts have resulted in a significant increase in traffic to the website. Since the launch, we have more than doubled the number of visitors to the site, and the quality of leads generated through the website has shown a marked improvement.