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Discover Nichols & Co’s evolution from a traditional accounting firm to leading in digital marketing, propelled by Cooperfields’ advice and services.


Nichols & Co, a leading accounting and advisory firm from Southeast London, has thrived for over two decades. Recognising the need to boost its digital marketing to reflect its top-tier services, the firm partnered with our team here at Cooperfields. This case study showcases our collaborative effort to enhance Nichols & Co’s digital presence, aiming to improve client engagement and expand their market reach.

The Challenge

Nichols & Co struggled with digital marketing before working with Cooperfields. Their online platforms didn’t showcase a unified brand identity, and their websites were not generating leads. Despite their high-quality services and specialist service offerings, their digital presence failed to communicate their expertise or engage their audience effectively. Eager to improve online visibility and lead generation, Nichols & Co sought a complete digital revamp.

Nichols & Co Old Website
Nichols & Co Design Process

Our Approach

We took on Nichols & Co’s digital challenges with a comprehensive strategy, starting with a total website rebuild. Over the course of three months, we developed a custom, content-rich site designed for maximum visibility and engagement. We optimised all content for SEO, launched a video testimonial campaign, revitalised their social media, and started sending monthly newsletters to deepen client relationships. These steps marked a new chapter in Nichols & Co’s digital marketing journey.

The Results

The digital marketing overhaul led to impressive outcomes. The new website now attracts about 1000 visitors monthly, and lead generation has soared, with Nichols & Co gaining an average of 20 new leads each month. Social media performance and client engagement have also seen significant improvements. This marked a major leap forward in establishing a more engaging and dynamic online presence.

Aimee Nichols, Nichols & Co

The last 18 months with Cooperfields have been game-changing. Our marketing has not just improved but thrived, thanks to their all-encompassing services. Their grounded approach and clear communication have made them essential to our success, boosting our digital engagement and presence significantly.

Aimee Nichols

What we’ve learned

Our work with Nichols & Co taught us the immense value of outsourced digital marketing and the importance of integrating closely with our clients’ teams. Holding monthly meetings has been key to staying aligned and responsive to evolving needs, emphasising the need for continuous dialogue.

Nichols & Co Water Bottle

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